Hi I'm Tessa!

Boston Elopement photographer

crafting & documenting your unique wedding experience

"I believe that everyone deserves to feel seen and beautiful — especially on their wedding day."

I know what it's like to face the pressures of fitting in and acting a certain way. There's so much societal expectation of how to get married that sometimes it feels like the couple is lost in the equation. My journey to becoming an elopement & wedding photographer was born from the desire to provide a lens for your day, big or small, whatever it looks like. Nothing makes me feel better than seeing someone be present and stress free on their wedding day.

I am currently based in Boston, MA, but I am in love with the open road and would be happy to shoot your elopement or destination wedding anywhere!

About Tessa

I love National Parks! Since a family trip to Acadia, I've been on a mission to catch as many parks nationwide as possible. 
Some of my favorites are Joshua Tree, The Great Smoky Mountains, and White Sands.


I love my (11%) wild coyote. I adopted my quarantine pup, Jojo, in May 2020, and she's been my ride or die since day one. We've trekked from the north east all the way to south west, and I can't imagine a better travel companion.


I'm somewhat of a cinephile, and I rarely watch the same thing twice. I was a proud card carrying MoviePass member way back in 2017 (rest in peace). I’m into all sorts of genres, and I love a good horror movie marathon each October.


When I am Not Shooting ...

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